Residential Infills | Multi-unit residential
Ottawa, ON

About the Mcleod Project

Located in Centre Town in a well established residential neighbourhood of mixed dwelling types from single family homes to low-rise apartments, this infill development replaced a detached house with a three-unit modern building; was navigated through the Committee of Adjustment, Site Plan Control, and the Ontario Municipal Board planning processes.

This project incorporated the traditional red brick heritage of the streetscape while creating a modern facade complete with large vertical elements to highlight entrances to the units, and horizontal glazing surfaces reflecting the open living spaces behind them.

Focus was given to develop a scale and material sensitive building while the interior was planned to create an open and efficient use of the volume resulting in four spacious three-bedroom apartments.  Corner windows allow the interior space to benefit from hallmark vista views in multiple directions, while admitting natural light deep into the interior spaces.

Cantilevering the second and third stories emphasizes the diversity of the exterior materials and volumes creating a sleek design that blends old with new. A required exit stair designed for the exterior rear façade frees-up the interior floor plates and becomes a dynamic sculpture animating the back of the building, while also providing some exterior tenant amenity space.

This elegant affordable three-unit building nestles comfortably in an existing diverse residential neighbourhood in the heart of Ottawa.